Spotify removes total count function after cheating allegations directed at Jimin (BTS) 

Jimin’s solo album is embroiled in another controversy regarding its achievement. 

Recently, Jimin (BTS) made his solo debut with the release of the album “Face.” The singer treated fans to two released M/Vs “Like Crazy” and “Set Me Free Pt.2”, both of which contain catchy tunes and visually impressive imagery. Nonetheless, Jimin is going through a rough patch when the idol is receiving negative feedback concerning his song achievements. 


Specifically, Spotify combined the streams for the Korean and English versions of “Like Crazy,” helping Jimin surpass “Shut Down” by BLACKPINK (6.6 million streams) with a 30-thousand gap on the “Spotify Global Chart”. More notably, the total count of two tracks with different ISRC code is against the rule laid out by Spotify itself. 


Other fandoms took issue with the action from Spotify because, at the same time, TWICE’s Korean and English versions for “Set Me Free” are counted separately.

After the response online, Spotify removed the total count function for “Like Crazy” and split the song into two versions. The total stream lost was 3 millions. 

set me free
“Set Me Free” by TWICE is separated into two different versions 
like crazy
Spotify removed the total count function for “Like Crazy” 

Previously, Hanteo did not recognize Jimin’s first-day album sales’ achievement. At the time, the available online chart showed that the CD version of “Face” sold 1,501,589 copies with Weverse selling 252,967, which is 1,754,546 copies in total. However, Hanteo only recognized 991,437 copies as the first-day sales figure for “Face.” 

Source: K14

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