Song Seung Heon Congratulates Former Co-Stars Lim Ji Yeon and Song Hye Kyo’s Success in “The Glory” 

Song Seung Heon congratulated Lim Ji Yeon on her heyday.

Song Seung Heon co-starred with Lim Ji Yeon in her debut film “Obsessed.” He also formed a connection with Song Hye Kyo through the KBS 2TV drama “Autumn In My Heart.”

In a recent interview with Herald POP held in Seoul, Song Seung Heon expressed his joy about the elevated status of K-content.


Song Seung Heon revealed, “I separately contacted Song Hye Kyo and Lim Ji Yeon to tell them that I saw their drama.”

He continued, “Lim Ji Yeon, who had a pure face in ‘Obsessed,’ played a school bully, and it felt refreshing. It was her first time playing a villain, but she acted so well. She deserves a big round of applause.”

Song Seung Heon also mentioned, “I met Lee Jung Jae at an after-party, and he said he was bewildered after the huge success of ‘Squid Game.’ It seems like we’re entering an era where works shot in Korea and distributed through Netflix go global.”


He added, “While the Hallyu wave has been strong in Asia, now Korean pop music, dramas, and movies are loved worldwide, even in the US and Europe. As an actor, I feel lucky to live in this era. It’s fascinating how times have changed. It can be considered a trend, but especially during times of high expectations, we should strive to create even better works.

Meanwhile, Song Seung Heon’s recently released Netflix series “Black Knight” depicts a story set in the future Korean Peninsula, where severe air pollution makes it impossible to survive without oxygen masks. The series revolves around the legendary deliveryman ‘5-8’ (played by Kim Woo Bin) and the refugee ‘April’.

Source: Naver. 

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