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Song Mino defeated Kang Ho-dong with his wit, the summit of entertainment is Yoo Jae-suk 

WINNER Song Mino showed off his eloquence and rendered Kang Ho-dong speechless.

On November 9th, WINNER member Song Mino appeared as a guest on the talk show “Just Come Out” (literal translation), which was broadcast on Naver NOW. 

kang ho dong winner song mino just come out

In the episode, Kang Ho-dong said, “Min-ho’s courage is amazing. It’s so amazing that I can’t wait to see it for so long. Can you live without seeing me?”, to which Song Mino replied, “It’s not like we see each other every day as a family. Family will be with you even when they are far away. We are a real family.”

kang ho dong winner song mino just come out

Then, Kang Ho-dong said, “Did you abandon your entertainment brothers because you are standing on the same level with Yoo Ah-in now? Now that you have debuted as a movie star, would entertainment completely disappear from your memory? Will you cut off us brothers because you have ‘celebrity disease?’ Is that what you do to repay our love? I haven’t given you anything.” 

winner song mino just come out

At this, Song Mino smartly embarrassed Kang Ho-dong by answering, “So, how can I repay you if I haven’t received anything? The manager suddenly said Ho-dong hyung is going to take on a new project. What is it, something OTT? Are you saying I’m leaving? But hyung always calls me whenever he takes on something new.”

kang ho dong winner song mino just come out

Kang Ho-dong bursted into laughter at the revelation, and tried to rectify things by explaining every word, but failed and apologized, saying “I’m sorry.”

Then, Song Mino claimed that Kang Ho-dong was gaslighting him, expressing “I feel like I’m still being hurt. When he sees me after a long time, he embraces me while saying that I am his younger brother, and that’s it. Then, after a half a year, he comes back to the manager.” 

kang ho dong winner song mino just come out

At this, Kang Ho-dong countered by saying, “Even if you don’t see me often, family is family.” 

After that, Kang Ho-dong had time to check Song Mino’s pre-interview answers. 

kang ho dong winner song mino just come out

Song Mino made a straightforward remark that Yoo Jae-suk is No.1 in terms of entertainment shows, not Kang Ho-dong. Song Mino was nervous about Kang Ho-dong’s reaction but still joked, “It can’t be helped. You have to accept it.” Kang Ho-dong made everyone laugh by replying, “Jae-suk is completely open-minded.”

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