Song Joong Ki to star in new movie “Hwaran”, co-star with newcomers Hong Sa Bin and BIBI

Famous actor Song Joong Ki will assume the role of an organization’s boss, returning to the big screen after 2 years with “Hwaran”.

“Hwaran” is noir movie which depicts the story of a boy named Yeon Gyu, who wants to escape from his hellish reality. He later meets Chi Gun, the boss of an organization, and joins him in a precarious world.

In “Hwaran”, Song Joong Ki assumes the role of Chi Gun – the middle boss of an organization that trusts and leads Yeon Gyu. Here, the actor will show a different side from all of his previous works through this character, who has an unpredictable coolness and unexpected warmth. It is expected that Song Joong Ki’s acting and appearance will go through drastic changes.

song joong ki hwaran

Meanwhile, the 18-year-old rookie actor Hong Sa Bin has been cast for the role of 18-year-old Yeon Gyu, who jumped into the rough adult world to escape from his miserable and dark reality. Kim Hyung Seo (BIBI), a famous singer who has recently emerged as a new K-icon, has overcome a highly competitive audition and takes on the role of Yeon Gyu’s younger sister, Ha Yan, who does not want to be shaken in the face of her miserable reality.

“Hwaran” has begun filming on September 13th in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi Province. Hong Sa Bin Hong, who finished the first filming, said, “I was very nervous, but the director and other people helped me finish the first filming safely.”

song joong ki

On the other hand, Song Joong Ki, who showed a strong transformation in his appearance, expressed, “I am happy to participate in ‘Hwaran’. As it is a project that presents a new challenge to myself, I am deeply moved. I am looking forward to the intense and fierce scene that will be create together with the director and actors.”

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