Song Joong Ki talks about his most controversial kiss in a K-drama 

Famous K-drama actor Song Joong Ki was the talk of town last year with the dark comedy “Vincenzo”. Recently, he discussed the kiss in the final episode.

Song Joong Ki, who further cemented his popularity after starring in the hit K-drama “Vincenzo”, recently recalled his thoughts regarding the kiss between him and the female lead in the series finale. 


According to Song Joong Ki, he did not think the kissing scene would go that far. Before the filming of “Vincenzo”, he was not too busy, and so took a lot of time researching the script. At first, he thought that “Vincenzo” was a nonsense comedy, only to later realize that there’s more to the series, and the sad love story is one of its charms. 

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In the end, “Vincenzo” was an extremely successful K-drama, even making it to Top 3 tvN dramas with the highest viewership for a pilot episode, just behind “Mr. Sunshine” and “Mr. Queen”. Furthermore, the kissing scene in the final episode was considered an important element – as it represented the changes in the two main characters’ relationship and mindset – having reunited after a long period apart.

Song Joong Ki Jeon Yeo Bin
Unfortunately, such a beautiful kiss scene received mixed reactions

The kiss scene, however, was deemed boring and underdeveloped by a lot of K-drama fans. It was just not heart-fluttering enough, and not meaningful enough in the context of “Vincenzo”, they said. Nevertheless, Song Joong Ki himself expressed a completely opposite opinion. 

In an interview, Song Joong Ki once explained quite meticulously the details of his kiss scene with Jeon Yeo Bin, the female lead of “Vincenzo”. Accordingly, the actor shared that both his co-star and the lighting directors had to work very hard to get such a romantic kiss scene.

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“What I felt during the rehearsal with Yeo Bin was that this scene went beyond what was described in the script. Filming the kiss scene with her was a great experience with both romantic and fresh feelings.”, Song Joong Ki said.

Jeon Yeo-bin
A scene of Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin in Vincenzo.

Sharing the great memories that happened during Vincenzo’s filming, Song Joong Ki said that all the actors in the cast were able to improvise interestingly and vividly in the scenes because they were always in a happy and comfortable mood on the set.

In general, Vincenzo’s cast and crew all think that filming Vincenzo was really a happy experience, which has brought them a lot of joy and good memories.

Source: K14

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