The best Korean law dramas of 2021: Is Vincenzo No.1?

In addition to dramas about the elite, family, romance, etc., fans of Korean dramas also find productions about law appealing.

Let’s take a look at the most impressive, must-watch Korean legal dramas broadcast in 2021.

1. One The Woman

Although it has not been on air for a long time, One The Woman has already impressed many viewers with its unique storyline.

One The Women - Honey Lee

The drama revolves around the talented and courageous female prosecutor Yeon Joo (Honey Lee). Due to carelessness while on a case, she loses her memory. Unexpectedly, her life takes a turn when everyone mistakenly recognizes Yeon Joo as the daughter-in-law of a chaebol family named Kang Mi Na, who looks identical to Yeon Joo.

One The Women - Honey Lee

The drama not only focuses on the legal elements but also incorporates funny scenes of the female lead Yeon Joo and her husband’s family. The fun plot along with Honey Lee’s brilliant acting in a dual role definitely bring viewers moments of joy.

One The Women - Honey Lee

2. The Veil

Considered the rival of One The Woman, The Veil is proving its great charm with the storyline revolving around the character Han Ji Hyuk (Nam Goong Min).

The Veil - Nam Goong Min

Ji Hyuk is originally an outstanding agent in the NIS. He is admired by everyone for his talent. Then one day, he was betrayed while on a mission. After luckily surviving, he is determined to come back and track down the traitor who intentionally harmed him before.

The Veil - Nam Goong Min

With Nam Goong Min’s excellent acting, intense interrogation scenes, and gripping action sequences, the drama makes viewers unable to take their eyes off the screen for just a second.

3. Law School

Another legal law drama released this year that viewers should not miss out is Law School. The series has the participation of a famous cast including Kim Myung Min, Kim Bum, Ryu Hye Young, ….

Law School

The drama begins with an unprecedented incident that takes place at the prestigious Hankuk Law University. All teachers and students of this school are suspected. With a good combination of a law professor and his smart students, they are all free from blame and together catch the real person who is responsible for the incident.

Law School

Law School consistently entered Netflix’s top trending when it was released. The Korean drama is also compared to the American series How To Get Away With Murder because of the same legal topic with a professor and students breaking down cases together. Many viewers believe that Korean producers have created a successful series of the topic that is not easy to exploit at all.

4. Vincenzo

Just like ‘One The Woman’, ‘Vincenzo’ is loved by the audience because of its rather humorous content.


The pair of lawyers Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) and Vincenzo (Song Joong Ki) work together to expose the bad deeds of Babel Group. On the journey to eliminate evil, the duo encounter many difficulties but thanks to mutual understanding, the two manage to achieve victory together.

Vicenzo Song Jong Ki

‘Vincenzo’ helped bring Song Joong Ki back to the top position in the industry with his mature acting and visuals that have never disappointed any fans. Earlier, the actor was on a bit of a “downfall” when his previous works continuously failed to live up to expectations, even the movie “Space Sweepers” produced by Netflix was not praised, but with ‘Vincenzo’, Song Joong Ki had successfully “transformed”. 

5. The Devil Judge

Ji Sung returned to the screen in 2021 after many years of absence with the series “The Devil Judge”. The drama revolves around the trial that is broadcast live so that people can join the chief judge Kang Yo Han (Ji Sung) to judge the defendant.

The Devil Judge - Ji Sung

The series not only exposes the relationship between rich and poor class but also shows other aspects such as how law, money, and status starts to take place in people’s lives.

Although the series is not as successful as expected, it still contributes to affirming that Ji Sung’s acting ability has never decreased. In fact, the drama is a bit heavy in the legal details that make it difficult to attract the mass audience.

The Devil Judge - Ji Sung
The Devil Judge - Ji Sung

Above are the Korean series of the legal genre that audiences find most impressive this year. Although each work has a different storyline and unique ways of conveying, all of them are undeniably interesting. Among the series above, perhaps The Veil is loved the most. And which drama is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: dienanh

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