Song Joong-ki shocked his fellow actors with the story of when he was still unknown, “I was dragged to the corner and…”

Actor Song Joong-ki told the bitter memory of when he was unknown.

On April 21st, Song Joong-ki’s agency – History D&C released a video titled “The first scene of my life” on its official Youtube channel.

Song Joong Ki

When asked about the first time he stood in front of the camera, Song Joong-ki confessed his experience of playing extra roles when he was an unknown actor. Recalling the past, he said, “My college senior wanted to help me out, and for the first time, I was given a role with one complete line. That was the drama ‘Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung’. When I arrived at the filming set, Sung Dong-il sunbaenim was right in front of me. Strangely, I wasn’t nervous. I was too excited”.

Song Joong Ki

While being amazed and excited by the filming, Song Joong-ki encountered unexpected things. He said, “That’s when I learned about the reality of drama shooting. I was somebody cast to play the role of Reporter 3 and the casts for Reporters 1 and 2 dragged me to the corner. They asked, ‘How did you get the role?’. I didn’t know why they were asking that back then. But I realized later on… that the competition is fierce in that world”. Everyone was surprised by his story.

Song Joong Ki

It was a bit bitter, but that day was precious to Song Joong-ki. He said, “It felt cathartic when I first said a line. It was a very small role but a role that takes a huge part of my memory.”

Song Joong-ki‘s another hit, tvN’s “Vincenzo“, was also mentioned. When asked “Were there moments that became a reason for you to act?”, Song Joong-ki replied, “Most recently, it was while filming the drama ‘Vincenzo’. His mother passed away, and on the next day, on his way to work, he climbed up the stairs, and the plaza people were waiting for me. I still remember what Ye-hwa said there. ‘I’m pregnant, and there’s a baby growing in me. But I can still fight, so tell me if you need help.’ And that line, coming from a pregnant woman, it had a huge impact.”

Song Joong Ki

Then he added, “Ye-hwa’s take was done but I still had an emotional scene left. She was trying her best to deliver her energy to me. I could feel it so strongly, so I waited even after my scene was over. I wanted to give Ye-hwa a hug before leaving.”

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki is scheduled to return with his next work, JTBC’s “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate”.

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