Song Joong-ki, new work “Ro Gi-wan” confirmed… Restart project

Actor Song Joong-ki (38) continues to work tirelessly.

According to the film industry, Song Joong-ki has recently confirmed his appearance in the movie “Ro Gi-wan (directed by Kim Hee-jin)” as his next project and is preparing for filming.

Song Joong-ki

“Ro Gi-wan”, a film adaptation of Jo Hae-jin’s novel “I Met Ro Gi-wan”, is said to be a work depicting the story of Ro Gi-wan, a young man from North Hamgyong Province who smuggled into Belgium, and a TV writer who tracks his whereabouts. Song Joong-ki foretells another extraordinary transformation as a North Korean defector.

Song Joong Ki

The relationship between Song Joong-ki and “Ro Gi-wan” dates back to 2017. Regarding the news of Song Joong-ki’s appearance, which was first mentioned at that time, both the production team and Song Joong-ki’s side responded, “We only had one meeting. It’s too early to talk further.” This meeting continued until 5 years later, and the “Ro Gi-wan” project was restarted.

Song Joong Ki

With this, Song Joong-ki will join the “Ro Gi-wan” project after finishing the movie “Hwaran” he is currently filming. As the amount of location is considerable, the “Ro Gi-wan” team is expected to start filming overseas as early as the end of this year. The first broadcast of JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Reborn Rich” is also scheduled to air on Nov 18th, raising expectations that Song Joong-ki will have a busier year-end than ever.

Song Joong-ki

In particular, in “Reborn Rich”, Song Joong-ki will show the second life character that is close to playing a double role as Yoon Hyun-woo, a loyal employee working for Sunyang Group, and Jin Do-joon, the youngest son of Sunyang Group. In “Hwaran” and “Ro Gi-wan”, he will respectively take on the roles of the mini boss of the organization and a North Korean defector, confirming actor Song Joong-ki’s challenging attitude and positive desire for change.

The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate

For Song Joong-ki’s partner, the production team of “Ro Gi-wan” auditioned with the goal of discovering new actors, and plans to start filming within this year after finishing the main casting.

Source: Nate

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