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Song Ji-hyo was angry after seeing Kim Jong-kook hugging Hong Ye-ji, “You, come out!”

“Running Man” Song Ji-hyo was angry at Hong Ye-ji.

The latest episode of SBS entertainment program “Running Man,” which aired on the afternoon of May 29th, showed the members and prison guards in a soccer match together.

It was the second mission to secure the number of search personnel. Kim Jong-kook mentioned his soccer dishonor in the past, saying, “The day has come for me to wash off the disgrace!” when he heard that there would be a 6 to 6 futsal game between the members and the prison guards.

Running Man

When asked if she was good at soccer, Hong Ye-ji expressed her confidence, saying, “My nickname was Hong Messi.” After the soccer game began, the inmate team aimed for a long pass, and Kim Jong-kook kicked the ball too hard.

Running Man

Following Yang Se-chan, who blocked the prison guard’s shot, Kim Jong-kook broke through alone before crashing into Hong Ye-ji and quickly hugging her. Seeing this, Ha-ha said, “What are you doing!” and Kim Jong-kook defended himself by saying, “I was afraid she would get hurt!” Song Ji-hyo also yelled at Hong Ye-ji in anger, “You come out!!!” making everyone laugh.

Running Man

Yang Se-chan, who was under pressure from Hwang Seok-jung, kicked the ball into the goal but was blocked by the prison guard team’s super defense. Kim Jong-kook, who cut the prison guard’s ball, was next to Yoo Jae-seok, but he ignored him and lost the ball while dribbling alone.

Running Man

Kim Jong-kook fired a corner kick at Yoo Jae-seok, and the prison guard, who was trying to block the ball, made everyone laugh after hitting the net, and the inmate team scored one point with an own goal.

Meanwhile, “Running Man” airs every Sunday at 5 p.m. on SBS.

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