Song Ji-hyo refuses to explain her relationship with Kim Jong-kook… “I have nothing to say”

Actress Song Ji-hyo said she has nothing to say to the members who doubt her relationship with Kim Jong-kook.

SBS’ entertainment program “Running Man“, which aired on June 26th, was decorated as the special episode “Running Man Acting Vacation”. Members enjoy the vacation with viewers’ ideas through roulette spinning.

Song Ji-hyo Kim Jong-kook

Members who conducted the mission before spinning the roulette would be able to write down the vacation they want depending on the number of blanks obtained according to the mission. The members occupying a total of 4 spaces began to write down their desired vacations one after another.

Jeon So-min suggested going to Kim Jong-kook‘s house. Kim Jong-kook welcomed and said, “Let’s go. (But) my mom is at home.

Song Ji-hyo Kim Jong-kook

Yoo Jae-suk refused, “It’s so gloomy that I don’t want to go to Jong-kook’s house again. I’ve never felt that pressured at home.”

However, at the suggestion of the members, “cooking ramen at Kim Jong-kook’s house” was added.

Then Song Ji-hyo asked Kim Jong-kook, who was next to her, “Do you have ramen?” Kim Jong-kook replied, “I’ll buy ramen.

Song Ji-hyo Kim Jong-kook

Seeing this, Yoo Jae-suk began to doubt their relationship again, “Huh? What is ‘Do you have ramen’? I recently visited your house. You don’t have ramen?

Kim Jong-kook answered, “She was just asking.” He told Song Ji-hyo, who was still, “Be active in your defense.” Song Ji-hyo caused laughter by saying “I hate it” to Kim Jong-kook.

running man

Kim Jong-kook actively explained by himself, “You can say ‘You don’t eat ramen’. In general, many people think that I don’t eat ramen. That’s why he asked.”

On the contrary, Song Ji-hyo refused to explain further, “I have nothing to say.” Kim Jong-kook raised other members’ suspicions as he got angry, saying, “You stay still.

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