Song Hye Kyo’s “The Glory” brought a lot of school bullying incidents to light 

After the release of “The Glory”, school violence has become a widely-discussed issue, with various past cases gaining attention. 

The trending Netflix drama “The Glory” is currently a hot topic across various SNS platforms. The series depicts the gruesome school violence case of Moon Dong Eun, who even now, lives in deep trauma and hatred. With outstanding commercial success after its release, the K-drama has boosted the career of various cast members, at the same time has a deep impact on the public as a whole. In particular, many school violence cases have been re-examined or brought to light following the series. 

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In particular, several bullying cases in Korea were brought up by netizens, with an event in Cheongju, 2006, being the center of attention. The victim was also burned with a hair curler in this case, leading to speculations that it was the inspiration for “The Glory”. 

Additionally, a school violence case in 2020 is also being re-examined. In particular, Park, the victim, was burned from their feet to knees using fireworks on their birthday, simply because their perpetrators find it fun. The result was a 3rd degree burn on 40% of Park’s body, yet the bullies only received a suspended sentence. Treatment for Park ended up costing 100 million won, which is double the compensation amount they received. 

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It was also revealed that Park tried to take things to court for 2 years, but their results were in vain. In a sense, this is similar to Moon Dong Eun’s desperation in “The Glory”, when everyone around her turned a blind eye to her pains, and even condemned her for it. The portrayal of Song Hye Kyo and Jung Ji So as Moon Dong Eun, has conveyed the sheer hopelessness that victims of school violence suffered from.

On top of all these, many other netizens also left comments about their own experience with school violence under topics about “The Glory”

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Heart-breaking cases of school violence are being exposed and becoming hot topics in Korea. (Image: Naver) 

Moreover, the spread of “The Glory” is going beyond Korea’s territories and across Asia. In Thailand where Korean wave is prevalent, #ThaiTheGlory is a trendy hashtag on social media, used to expose past and present school bullying in this country. The trend has such a powerful impact that even the famous actor Ohm Pawat himself admitted he bullied a classmate with autism spectrum disorder and apologized for his behaviors. 

Ohm Pawat
Ohm Pawat
Ohm Pawat
Ohm Pawat released his statement of apology on social media 
Ohm Pawat
Thai netizens are uncovering instances of school violence 

It suffices to say “The Glory” is having a positive impact by raising empathy and support for the victims and standing up for their rights. 

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