Song Hye Kyo’s 3 most shocking image changes in K-dramas

Song Hye Kyo has changed her image many times, the audience just didn’t notice it!

Since the premiere of Now, We Are Breaking Up, fans have repeatedly complained that Song Hye Kyo hasn’t changed her image in more than 20 years and that she always appears in roles with perfect image. However, if you watch the series listed below, you will meet a very different Song Hye Kyo.

1. Hwang Jin Yi

Based on the novel of the same name, Hwang Jin Yi tells the life story of the most famous prostitute in feudal Korea. This film represents a significant shift in Song Hye Kyo‘s acting style. Hwang Jin Yi‘s Song Hye Kyo is fierce, sentimental, and sometimes extremely sexy, in contrast to the usual innocent and fragile style.

At the time of its release, this film was also said to “ruin” the image of Song Hye Kyo.  Song Hye Kyo also shared, Hwang Jin Yi is her favorite role throughout her entire career. Because thanks to this film, she can become a woman in the right sense, at the right age and have new challenges.

2. Fetish

Perhaps many viewers don’t know about Fetish, a film by Song Hye Kyo that had been banned from being shown because the content was too sensitive. More daring than Hwang Jin Yi, the actress plays Sookhy in this film, a character who is very different from her usual image. Her eyes are always cold and mysterious, and she wears dark red lipstick. Song Hye Kyo especially had to perform numerous bed scenes with two men and a female co-star.

Song Hye Kyo's movies

3. My Brilliant Life

If you think Song Hye Kyo only chooses roles of attractive women, My Brilliant Life will astound you. In the film, she plays an austere mother who does not have a happy day because the premature aging disease is slowly taking her son away. No fancy makeup, no branded outfits, My Brilliant Life features a rustic, honest version of Song Hye Kyo. Her acting abilities when portraying the pain of a mother who is gradually losing her child are particularly praised. 

Song Hye Kyo movies
Song Hye Kyo movies
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