Song Hye Kyo will lose her fame if she does not listen to the audience 

Once a “rating guarantee” on the Korean small screen, Song Hye Kyo’s recent projects haven’t seen much success. 

Song Hye Kyo’s career has been filled with megahits like “Full House”,  “That Winter, The Wind Blows”, “Descendants of The Sun”, and many more. However, in recent years, her newer works like “Now, We Are Breaking Up” and “Encounter” suffer from criticisms and dwindling ratings, foretelling a possible downfall. In addition, Song Hye Kyo’s constant choice of younger co-stars and the same type of roles also earn her the ire of the public. 

Recently, Song Hye Kyo confirmed her appearance in the upcoming K-drama “The Glory”, which will be penned by the same screenwriter as “Descendants of The Sun”. Here, the actress will co-star with rising actor Lee Do Hyun, playing the role of the vengeful female lead Moon Dong Eun, who wants to pay back her old school bullies. While the series promises to show a different side of Song Hye Kyo, netizens have been having not-so-positive words about the actress’ choice to once again star with a younger partner. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Song Hye Kyo will never escape criticisms if she continue to work with younger partners 
  • Is she trying to look for a second Song Joong Ki? 
  • Song Hye Kyo always lands in dating rumors with her co-stars, is it a trend or something?
  • Song Hye Kyo never switches up her image, it’s always the same type of character, just with different acting partners
  • It has been years and yet I have seen little improvement in her acting skills.

In “The Glory”, Song Hye Kyo’s younger female co-star Lim Ji Yeon promises to be a show-stealer thanks to her outstanding visuals and acting. Lim Ji Yeon transforms into Park Yeon Jin, Moon Dong Eun’s enemy.  

Lim Ji Yeon is famous for her sexy and seductive roles that make viewers unable to take their eyes off. In addition, her acting is also highly appreciated by experts. She once won Best Actress at the MBC Drama Awards. With her charm, some netizens predict that Lim Ji Yeon will take the spotlight from Song Hye Kyo in “The Glory”. 

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