Song Hye Kyo shows her clumsiness when answering fans’ questions, “My MBTI is INFJ”

Song Hye Kyo revealed TMI about herself through a recent Q&A interview and balance game.

On January 18th, Elle Korea uploaded an interview video with actress Song Hye Kyo on its official Youtube channel.

At the beginning of the interview, Song Hye Kyo expressed her excitement, saying “I heard a lot of people sent questions. I think it’s my first time doing this type of interview”.

Song Hye Kyo

First of all, Song Hye Kyo was asked about her favorite character throughout her whole filmography. In response, the actress said, “I love all my characters. Right now, my most recent role, Moon Dong Eun of ‘The Glory’, is in my heart the most”.

When asked about the most encouraging words, Song Hye Kyo said, “‘Time will solve everything’ was actually annoying. But after some time, I think time really did solve everything”, adding “If right now things are tough, just feel the pain at this moment. Feel the pain enough, then it goes away. If you try to push it away, the painful time becomes longer.”

Song Hye Kyo

When asked, “Any plan of coming back with a comedy acting?”, Song Hye Kyo emphasized, “Later, if I have a chance, I wanna do a sitcom again. If I meet a script that suits me and I like, I wanna do it”.

The actress then sent her words of blessing to fans, saying “Anything you do goes well, and stay healthy”. She asked, “This is not over, right?”, drawing laughter.

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When a fan commented, “I think your MBTI is CUTE”, Song Hye Kyo burst into laughter and answered, “Thank you. My MBTI is INFJ”.

Lastly, Song Hye Kyo shared, “I don’t know if all the things you are curious about have been answered but it was fun to communicate like this. If you wait for a little while, ‘The Glory’ Part 2 will be aired. Please send lots of love. Stay healthy this year. I hope you always have joyful things.”

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo is greeting the public through “The Glory”, which was released on the 30th of last month. Song Hye Kyo plays the main character Moon Dong Eun, who is a victim of school violence. This work tells the story of Dong Eun punishing the perpetrators.

Source: Nate

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