Son Seok-gu – CEO of a medium-sized company that makes 2.6 billion won in sales revenue, “He was born with a golden spoon”

The unimaginable second character of actor Son Seok-gu has been revealed.

In the 15th episode of Mnet’s entertainment program “TMI NEWS SHOW”, which aired on June 1st, the rankings of famous stars who succeeded with their alternative characters.

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Son Seok-gu, who is attracting keen attention these days, ranked No.4 on the list. Apart from being an actor, he is also known to be the CEO of a medium-sized company. He manages a manufacturing company specializing in machine tools in Daejeon City. His company has exported products to more than 10 countries, including the U.S, Canada, and Japan.

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As of 2021, his company’s sales revenue is estimated at 2.68 billion won. Son Seok-gu holds 34.3% of the shares. He participated in the company’s management even before his debut and it is also known that Son Seok-gu’s family is a “golden spoon”.

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Son Seok-gu began his acting career at the age of 29. Mi-joo said, “In fact, Son Seok-gu has an amazing past before he became an actor. He reportedly volunteered to join the Iraqi Zaytun unit during his mandatory military service period. He then determined to do everything he wanted to do. He boarded a plane to Canada and accidentally went to an acting school and fell in love with acting.”

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After returning to Korea, Son Seok-gu started appearing on the theater stage. He was the art director of a play and also starred in it. Then, he was cast by a director who watched his play and succeeded in entering Hollywood with the series “Sense 8”, drawing admiration.

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