“My Liberation Notes” Son Seok Goo x Kim Ji Won featured in new pictorial, showing intense chemistry

Son Seok Goo and Kim Ji Won, who starred together as the “worship couple” in “My Liberation Notes”, appeared in a photoshoot together.

On July 18th, fashion magazine Marie Claire Korea released a couple pictorial of Son Seok Goo and Kim Ji Won, who starred together as the “worship couple” in recently aired K-drama “My Liberation Notes”. 

In the photoshoot, Son Seok Goo and Kim Ji Won were affectionately attached to each other, invoking excitement among their fans.

While Kim Ji Won boasted a chic and classy vibe, Son Seok Goo showed off his manly side by putting his arm around Kim Ji Won’s shoulder.

A photo also showed the couple looking at each other and smiling brightly with affectionate eyes, while another featured Kim Ji Won leaning heavily against Son Seok Goo’s wide back. 

With such intense chemistry exuding from their pictorial and great visuals, netizens and fans alike shower the duo in praise, and claimed that the shoot really reflects the mysterious yet healing mood of “My Liberation Notes”.

While posting the photos, Marie Claire Korea also said: “Please look forward to the B-cuts and other video contents from the pictorial in the future.”

Son Seok Goo and Kim Ji Won played the respective roles of Mr. Gu and Mi Jeong in “My Liberation Notes”, which received rave reviews from the audiences and critics alike. The series was also considered a dark horse with viewership ratings skyrocketing in later episodes. 

In “My Liberation Notes”, Son Seok Goo and Kim Ji Won painted a beautiful love story of two people who make each other better, greatly contributing to the popularity of the series. 

Source: insight

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