Lee Joon-gi flaunted his dashing look at the age of 41 while drinking beer

Actor Lee Joon-gi (40) caught the attention of netizens with his warm visual.

On the 18th, Lee Joon-gi posted a beer emoticon and a number of photos on his Instagram. In the photos, he was in a restaurant.

Lee Joon-gi shows off his ‘jangku‘ charm when wearing a hat upside down. His porcelain white skin and small face make many people admire. He was born in 1982 and is 41 years old, but still maintains an amazingly dashing look.

Lee Joon-gi became a hot topic when it became known that he had stopped carbohydrates for the past 6 years. He also said, “It’s a caution to laugh, have fun, and be happy without being stressed by the little things. And I’ve been eating red ginseng for 7 years.”

Meanwhile, Lee Joon-gi played the role of Kim Hee-woo, a hot-blooded prosecutor in ‘Again My Life‘, which ended in May.

Source: naver

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