“Failed idol” Son Seo Ah: “I owe 50 million won and don’t even have money for my mother’s hospital bills…”

Son Seo Ah is starring in “Button Game.”

Son Seo Ah, a former member of girl group Mixx, was found to have appeared in “Button Game” with 50 million won in debt. 

Son Seo Ah is a member of the debut line-up from 2016 “Idol Master,” previously known as Son Hyun-mi. At that time, she dropped out of the group for no particular reason just before her debut with the group, and later debuted as Mixx’s Mia. She also worked as solo singer under the name Son Seo Ah. 

son seo ah

After showing her face for the first time in a while, she will appear on the original Wavve entertainment show “Button Game,” which will be released on November 11th, revealing her recent status to fans. 

Button Game is a brutal survival reality in which nine participants who desperately need money live in an enclosed space for 14 days and have to survive with only one button every day in harmony and betrayal. In particular, as Jin Yong Jin, who made “Money Game” and “Game of Blood” hits, reportedly participated in the planning, he has been receiving keen attention from “Survival Battle Reality” enthusiasts since the planning stage. 

son seo ah

The “Button Game” poster released this time contains the faces of nine participants who will jump into the “War of Money” to protect the 100 million won given to each, causing curiosity. They made grim expressions with their own numbers printed on white T-shirts, of which outstanding beauty Son Seo Ah definitely caught the eye. 

Jin Yong Jin, the organizer of “Button Game,” recently introduced the official poster of “Button Game” and its participants on his YouTube channel. However, Son Seo Ah is said to have confessed that she is in debt of 50 million won and that she is in dire need of her mother’s hospital expenses, drawing attention to what has happened to her over the past five years.

son seo ah

In addition to Son Seo Ah, Kim Jong Seo, a “10-year streamer” famous for his game stream, will also appear in “Button Game.” Kim Jong-seo is a more familiar figure with the name Lauren, and once ranked second in the streamer rankings. In particular, Kim Jong Seo, called the “God of Game,” is said to have challenged the “Button Game” with 30 million won in debt. 

Meanwhile, the first episode of Wavve’s original entertainment show “Button Game” will be released on November 11th (Friday).

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