Son Na-eun, posing on the bed and exposing underwear

Son Na-eun, who is traveling abroad after leaving the group Apink, unveiled her bare-face selfies.

She attracts attention with her bold fashion on the bed. On May 8th, Son Na-eun posted several photos on Instagram without any captions. In the pictures, Son Na-eun is making various poses on the bed without makeup. She reveals her deep collarbone with her chin propped on her hands while looking at the camera with a playful expression.

Son Na-eun

Son Na-eun shows off her bold fashion in a sleeveless shirt. Her slender body is revealed. Above all, her pink underwear, which is slightly exposed on the outside, gets everyone’s attention.

Son Na-eun

The following are 6 photos that Son Na-eun posted on SNS.

Meanwhile, Son Na-eun announced her departure from the group through a handwritten letter last month. She said, “I will be leaving Apink, whom I have been with for the past 11 years. From now on, I plan to become a Panda and cheer for Apink.”


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