Former Apink’s Son Naeun was traveling abroad with an unexpected partner

Son Naeun, who is traveling abroad after leaving the idol group Apink, boasted an unexpected friendship. 

On May 7th, a post titled “Two female celebrities who are so close to each other” started to draw attention on the Korea forum theqoo. 

Son Na-eun
Son Naeun and Jung Yumi’s close friendship greatly surprised fans.

Inside the post were photos of Son Naeun on her trip overseas, which the idol-actress posted on her SNS. The photos were also captioned: “We are traveling together in LA! This is the first time I’ve met a fan”.

Son Na-eun

However, people discovered an unexpected presence in these photos – as Naeun and actress Jung Yumi were making super friendly poses. Other pictures also show the two sightseeing together while wandering the streets in the US.

Son Na-eun

People were completely taken away by the surprising friendship between this duo, who are 11 years old apart. “It’s amazing”, one netizen said, while another agreed and noted their great chemistry. There were also other posts that described the duo as a “good combination”, and saying it’s a “heartwarming” friendship. “Jung Yumi’s network is really wide”, another concluded. 

Son Na-eun

Son Naeun previously announced her departure from the Kpop group Apink via a handwritten letter last month, saying: “I’ve left Apink, who I have been with for the past 11 years. As Apink is like a family that I have stayed with for a long time, this was a tough decision to make. After much consideration, I have arrived at my decision, and now I’m trying to be another Panda (fandom of Apink) and support Apink.” 

Son Na-eun

Prior to her leaving, Son Naeun entered YG Entertainment last year to pursue an acting career. 

Son Na-eun


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