Son Na Eun, who was embroiled in controversy over acting skills, expressed feelings after “Agency” ended

Former APINK member-actress Son Na Eun expressed her feelings about the end of “Agency”.

Son Na Eun played Kang Han Na, VC Group’s third generation chaebol, in JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Agency“, which ended on Feb 26th.

There were not only good responses. She had a hard time as she was embroiled in controversy over her acting skills due to her rather exaggerated expressions and reactions. In the second half of the drama, Son Na Eun received favorable reviews from viewers by improving her acting.

Son Naeun

Son Na Eun, who showed her growth through “Agency”, expressed her feelings about the end of the drama through her agency YG Entertainment.

– How do you feel now that “Agency” ended?

▲ It’s hard to believe that the series is already over because I had been working on it for a long time. Many people around me said that they enjoyed watching it, and I’m happy that it ended with a lot of love from viewers.

Son Naeun

– What is the most memorable scene?

▲ The scene in which Han Na went to work for VC Planning for the first time. It was the first meeting between director Go Ah In (Lee Bo Young) and Han Na. It was also a scene where almost all the cast members were together, so I remember having fun filming it.

– The character you want to challenge in the future or your goal as an actress

▲ There are so many things I want to try in the future. I want to gradually gain valuable experiences like now. I’ll continue to work hard to become an actress who can digest various genres and characters.

– Lastly, please say something to the viewers of “Agency”

▲ Thank you for enjoying “Agency” and giving me a lot of love. I was happy to be with the seniors, actors, staff, director and writer. Thank you for trusting Han Na! I’ll greet you again with a good work. Thank you for loving “Agency” so far!

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