“Some members bother me”, Jessica’s novel is full of her own experience… Did she target Girls’ Generation?

The autobiographical novel “Bright” by Jessica, a former member of Girls’ Generation, is controversial because parts of its content are said to aim at her former group.

Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin-ho extracted some parts of the content of “Bright” and released them through a video uploaded on his Youtube channel on August 4th.

Published in May, “Bright” depicts the process in which the main character Rachel Kim gets kicked out from the nine-member group “Girls Forever”. According to the excerpts, Rachel is in conflict with some members as she started her fashion business.

The conflict is described in detail. When Rachel is pointed out by a member for being late for practice, she argues, “Haven’t we all been absent or late?”. All the members, except for Rachel, complain to the agency, saying “Rachel is blinded by her business” or  “I don’t want to go to the LA concert with Rachel”. In particular, the content that some members continuously bother Rachel can be found in the novel.

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Since “Bright” was published as an autobiographical novel, its content can be understood as Jessica’s own experience. In fact, Jessica had a conflict with Girls’ Generation members when she first established her fashion business (BLANC & ECLARE). At the time of Jessica’s withdrawal from Girls’ Generation, the group was scheduled to hold a concert in LA, the U.S.

After leaving the group, Jessica revealed on her SNS, saying “Without a reason, the other 8 members made me choose between leaving Girls’ Generation and quitting the business”, adding “The members haven’t contacted me since my withdrawal”.

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Youtuber Lee Jin-ho said, “Girls’ Generation members respect Jessica by not saying anything about her, but Jessica keeps on attacking the members until the end.”

He continued, “9 years have passed but Jessica hasn’t let go of Girls’ Generation”, adding “This is the decisive reason that explains why Korean fans who used to support Jessica strongly turned their backs on her”.

jessica jung

Meanwhile, Jessica recently finished in 2nd place in the Chinese survival program “Sisters Who Make Waves Season 3”, confirming her re-debut in a new girl group of 10 members. The fact that Tyler Kwon’s ex-girlfriend Gillian Chung and current girlfriend Jessica became members of one group drew the attention from many music fans. 

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