So Ji-sub and Im Soo-hyang counterattacked Lee Geung-young… Highest rating rose to 7.6% (Doctor Lawyer)

“Doctor Lawyer” So Ji-sub and Im Soo-hyang counterattacked Lee Geung-young.

In episode 10 of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor Lawyer” (written by Jang Hong-cheol/directed by Lee Yong-seok/produced by Celltrion Entertainment, Mongjakso), which aired on July 2nd, Han Yi-han (So Ji-sub) and Geum Seok-yeong (Im Soo-hyang) moved in various directions to catch Gu Jin-gi (Lee Geung-young) Jayden Lee (Shin Sung-rok) came closer to Han Yi-han and Geum Seok-yeong, and they figured out a way to tighten Gu Jin-gi’s breath together. This day’s broadcast recorded a viewership rating of 6.3% based on the metropolitan area, and the highest rating rose to 7.6%. (Nielsen Korea)

On this day, Han Yi-han faced Lim Tae-moon (Nam Myeong-ryeol), a powerful presidential candidate as well as father of Lim Yu-na (Lee Joo-bin). At the meeting through Jayden Lee’s good offices, Lim Tae-moon asked Han Yi-han if he was a ghost doctor of Gu Hyun-seong (Lee Dong-ha) in the past. For Han Yi-han, this situation could be a disgrace. However, Han Yi-han admitted it without lying. And he decided to operate on Lim Tae-moon’s heart himself. There was a reason for Han Yi-han’s behavior.

Han Yi-han and Geum Seok-yeong suspect that the heart of Geum Seok-yeong’s younger brother, who died 5 years ago, may be in Lim Tae-moon’s chest. Therefore, Han Yi-han decided that if he operated on Lim Tae-moon himself, he would be able to know the truth. Han Yi-han and Geum Seok-yeong shared this fact with Jayden. Jayden Lee looked surprised as if he had no idea. However, he could not easily raise suspicions because he was Jayden Lee, who had been acting slyly.

Jayden Lee had a different reason for arranging Lim Tae-moon and Han Yi-han’s meeting. This is because Gu Jin-gi is comparing and reconsidering the two powerful presidential candidates Lim Tae-moon and Yoon Mi-sun (Kang Kyung-heon). After undergoing emergency surgery at Banseok Hospital, Yoon Mi-sun’s only daughter has not been able to regain consciousness until now, and she is hospitalized at Banseok Hospital. The VIP that Banseok Hospital was nervous about was Yoon Mi-sun.

Yoon Mi-sun was mistreating her daughter while wrapping her in love. Yoon Mi-sun forced her daughter to undergo various surgeries from a young age in order to improve appearance, and made her daughter look like her own doll. The daughter, who was never happy, met her loved one and left her mother Yoon Mi-sun. However, she needed reoperation due to her previous surgeries’ aftereffects, and she eventually had no choice but to return. Gu Jin-gi asked Yoon Mi-sun to buy time by using medication to prolong her daughter’s unconscious period.

Meanwhile, Han Yi-han, who reached out to Yoon Mi-sun’s daughter’s lover Do Jin-woo (Kim Dae-geon), raided Gu Jin-gi and Yoon Mi-sun, who met in the middle of the night, along with Geum Seok-yeong and Lim Tae-moon. Yoon Mi-sun’s daughter and Do Jin-woo had already registered their marriage. Currently, the guardian of Yoon Mi-sun’s daughter is not Yoon Mi-sun, but her husband Do Jin-woo. Han Yi-han declared that he would use this to transfer Yoon Mi-sun’s daughter to New Hope Hospital. As a prosecutor, Geum Seok-yeong put pressure on Gu Jin-gi, and Lim Tae-moon created anxiety by throwing sharp words at Gu Jin-gi.

As “Doctor Lawyer” passed the halfway point, major characters’ brain fights and psychological fights became fiercer. The tight story development as well as brain fights and psychological fights of the shining characters in it increased viewers’ immersion and maximized the dramatic tension. As a result, viewers were able to focus on “Doctor Lawyer” for 60 minutes without getting bored. Through the preview released at the end of episode 10, a fierce revenge is expected from episode 11. Viewers are looking forward to how strong these fights will be and who will ascend the throne.

Meanwhile, MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor Lawyer” airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM.

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