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“So dirty”… The problematic scene in “Transit Love 2” that shocked many viewers 

Netizens criticized the cast of TVing’s original program “Transit Love 2” for their poor sense of hygiene.

On August 26th, TVing uploaded a pre-release video for episode 10 under the title “[Transit Love 2] ‘I’m the only one who can love you’, Ji-yeon’s confession” on its official Youtube channel.

In the released video, Ji-yeon and Na-yeon talked about X in front of Tae-yi. Referring to X, Ji-yeon confessed, “When I met someone else, I compared him to X. I told myself to be happy at first, but after many things happened, I wondered ‘Can I be happy with anyone other than you?’”.

Later, Ji-yeon and Na-yeon went somewhere, leaving Tae-yi alone. The problem is the part where they left without cleaning up the food they were eating.

“Transit Love 2” is currently a hot topic as several articles about the hygiene problem in the cast members’ accommodation have been posted on online communities.

Pointing out the poor hygiene condition, netizens commented, “I hope they can pretend like they’re appearing on a broadcast”, “They should at least close the lid”, “It must have attracted a lot of flies. So dirty”, “I find it funny that they’re still trying to seduce each other after making such a dirty mess”, etc. 

Source: wikitree

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