SNSD uploaded new image on SNS… Are they going to make a full comeback?

Will SNSD come back with a full lineup of 8 members?

It has been 5 years since SNSD released the last album with the full appearance of 8 members. After Sooyoung Tiffany Seohyun left SM, the remaining 5 girls joined the subgroup Oh!GG in 2018 but it was only a short time before they all returned to solo activities. Therefore, fans are still looking forward to seeing the day all 8 members of SNSD make a joint comeback.


At 0:00 on May 1 (KST), all of SNSD‘s social media accounts suddenly updated with new photos without writing a single line of caption, making fans believe that this is the group’s comeback hint.

SNSD’s social media accounts posted a new picture

However, many fans think that this is a hint for Hyoyeon‘s personal activities. Earlier, DJ Hyo hinted at the release of her first album. Besides, SNSD’s anniversary is in August so they probably won’t be back at this time.

SM posted the picture and tagged SNSD’s account
snsd hyoyeon
However, fans think that this time Hyoyeon will announce her personal activities

Netizens’ comments:

  • SNSD: *breathe, fan: Comeback!!!
  • I don’t believe it, don’t fool me!
  • SNSD’s anniversary is in August so it’s probably not.
  • Maybe Hyoyeon’s solo album, not SNSD’s full comeback
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