SNSD Taeyeon sent encouragement Lovelyz Jin, who is her fangirl

Lovelyz Jin revealed a heartfelt message of encouragement, sent to her by SNSD Taeyeon.

Recently, former Lovelyz member Jin answered questions that her fans sent through the social network site Instagram. Among those, a fan told Jin that: “I am rewatching an episode of “Amazing Saturday” and saw you saying that Taeyeon once replied to your message… You are truly a successful fangirl.” 

snsd taeyeon instagram

Jin then revealed the full message that Taeyeon sent her, which was full of positive and supporting words, and at the same time expressed her gratitude towards Taeyeon. “Indeed, I’m one of the most successful fans”, the female idol added.

The full message from SNSD Taeyeon, as shared by Jin, is as follows: “Always remember to put yourself first, it’s you that’s the most important. Don’t exhaust your body and mind. No matter how much you are hurting, try to seek help, reach out your hand, and share your feelings with people surrounding you. Although the world is relentless, selfish, and cold, there are a few exceptions. I hope you will always stay healthy.”

Lovelyz Jin

The message, which is realistic yet kind, has been earning Taeyeon praise from netizens. 

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