SNSD Taeyeon – BLACKPINK Jennie and the times they use the same fashion items

Although Taeyeon (SNSD) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) use the same items many times, they always gave of their own unique vibes that are not similar!

Recently on K-pop forums, Taeyeon and Jennie wearing the same dress became the focus of netizens’ attention. Although they have no relationship with each other, these two female idols also have many similar outfits. So a lot of people debated who is better dressed in these outfits.

blackpink jennie - snsd taeyeon
Taeyeon and Jennie often dress in the same style

On June 2, Taeyeon took the spotlight as a host in the finale of Queendom 2. SNSD‘s leader wore a pink leather evening gown. She looked very attractive in this outfit.

Many netizens quickly pointed out that BLACKPINK member – Jennie also wore this design during a photoshoot for Gentle Monster. Immediately, netizens debated who wore this dress better. While Taeyeon looks elegant and sweet, Jennie in this dress exudes trendy charm.

snsd taeyeon
Taeyeon used to wear a colorful cardigan

However, this is not the first time the two female idols wearing the same items. Both Taeyeon and Jennie have a trendy and eye-catching fashion sense, so many times they both love the same items.

blackpink jennie
The one that Jennie used to wear. However, the two girls had different ways of dressing this item
blackpink jennie
At the end of 2018, Jennie wore Alexander Wang’s fur crop top on the cover of the magazine, showing off her dynamic and seductive beauty
snsd taeyeon
Same crop top, but Taeyeon wore it with jeans shorts and high boots.

Jennie and Taeyeon are two talented, beautiful, charming, and trendy female idols. They have different styles so even though they used the same design, they still gave off different vibes. This made netizens extremely excited because female idols were able to clearly express themselves through their outfits.

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