Snowdrop’s new trailer gives viewers goosebumps by showing BLACKPINK’s Jisoo held at gunpoint by Jung Hae In

Snowdrop’s latest 3-minute trailer attracts attention by revealing new intriguing details and emotional acting of the main couple.

Earlier today (December 10), JTBC released a 3-minute trailer for upcoming drama Snowdrop. The trailer unveils suspenseful scenes and piques curiosity about a heartbreaking love story between the two leads, played by BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jung Hae In.

Snowdrop’s new trailer

The first seconds of the trailer show the shy first encounters between Youngro (Jisoo) and Im Suho (Jung Hae In) where romantic feelings begin to blossom. However, only a few seconds later, the screen is replaced with violent and terrifying scenes, teasing fast-paced and dramatic details. New characters also get introduced through this trailer. They seem to have an extremely tense relationship.

Im Suho is the person directly involved in the riots. He is injured but still goes to see Youngro. When faced with a dangerous situation, Im Suho holds Youngro at gunpoint, both of their eyes showing pain and fear. The screen then changes to a scene of separation. The two show up in a dark tunnel. Im Suho gives Youngro a necklace and accompanies her to the sanctuary. The two then part ways, Im Suho says: “I’m sorry”, Youngro responds, “Will we be able to meet again?”

Snowdrop’s new trailer
Snowdrop’s new trailer

The trailer makes netizens predict that Snowdrop will have a sad ending. Besides, many viewers praise Jisoo’s acting and radiant visuals.

Some comments:

  • Snowdrop will have a sad ending for sure
  • This drama will make me depressed.
  • Jisoo’s acting is really good!
  • K-dramas these days are all heartbreaking
  • Jisoo is so pretty, she’s pretty even when crying.
  • They love each other so much, why is he holding her at gunpoint?

Set in Seoul in 1987, Snowdrop centers on Young Ro (Jisoo) – a student at a women’s university who happens to save Im Su Ho (Jung Hae In) – a student of a prestigious university when he suddenly rushes into her dorm while being severely injured. Young Ro hides Su Ho and takes care of his wounds even in the face of danger under close surveillance.

Snowdrop’s new trailer
Snowdrop’s new trailer
Snowdrop’s new trailer

Snowdrop airs every Saturday and Sunday starting from December 18 both on JTBC and Disney+.

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