“Snowdrop” ratings increase amid controversy: Korean viewers change their mind and support the drama?

The viewership ratings of weekend dramas see positive changes.

With thrilling new details as the characters’ true identities are gradually revealed, episode 7 of Snowdrop sees a strong rise in rating. Specifically, from 1.912% in episode 6, the rating of episode 7 increased to 3.3%. This is the second time Snowdrop’s rating exceeded 3%, though it is not high, compared to the common ground of JTBC dramas, this number is a positive achievement. It is possible that after many explanations given by JTBC over historical distortion, Korean viewers have been more open and decided to support the drama. 

Snowdrop ep 7
Snowdrop ep 7

Meanwhile, other weekend Korean dramas also saw significant increase in viewership on Sunday night. tvN’s Bulgasal grew to an average nationwide rating of 4.1%. TV Chosun’s Uncle achieved its highest viewership rating so far, earning a nationwide average of 6.3% for the latest episode. KBS’s The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won achieved a double-digit rating for the first time to hit an all-time high, scoring an average nationwide rating of 10.2%.

Snowdrop ep 7

Finally, the popular KBS 2TV drama Young Lady And Gentleman achieved an average nationwide rating of 34.4%, successfully securing its position as the most watched show of all channels broadcast on Sunday.

Snowdrop ep 7


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