SNL Comedian Jung Yi Rang’s Sad Story: Caught Secretly Eating Leftover Food from Girls’ Generation

Comedian and actress Jung Yi Rang, who made her face known to the public through “SNL Korea”, revealed a sad anecdote.

Jung Yi Rang guested on the March 8th broadcast of MBC’s program “Radio Star” and recalled the day when she was still active as an MBC comedian.

jung rang

She shared, “When I was a rookie and the youngest member of the team, sometimes I skipped meals because I didn’t have money. Sometimes my seniors would buy me food.” 

She confessed, “To find something to eat, I used to sneak into the waiting room of singers who appeared on ‘Show! Music Core’, which was located on the opposite side of the room for comedians”, adding “At around 2 p.m., the cleaning ladies would come to tidy up the waiting room after the singers left. We sneaked in before they arrived to tidy up the room and ate the leftover snacks or food that the singers didn’t touch.”

The comedian explained, “Because there were snacks and food piled up in the waiting room.  The singers were all dieting, so they didn’t touch the food. That’s why there were so many things for us to eat. It was like heaven to us.”
Jung Yi Rang continued, “One day, while I was eating happily, I heard a knock on the door”, adding “The girl group that used the room must have left something behind and they came back to pick them up. So I quickly stuffed all the food into my mouth, then Girls’ Generation Tiffany and Yuri came in”, drawing viewers’ curiosity.


She added, “At that time, I pretended that I was not eating anything. Yuri and Tiffany got all the things they had left and then greeted us brightly before leaving”, adding, “No matter how pathetic I looked at that time… I couldn’t ignore the remaining food.”

Jung Yi Rang debuted in 2005 through SBS’s “Smile People” and later passed MBC’s 17th comedian recruitment. She has been active as an actress since 2018 and is a cast member on Coupang Play’s comedy show “SNL Korea”.

Source: Wikitree

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