SM’s ace girl group broke a record of BTS only 18 days into their debut

BTS’s seemingly unprecedented record on YouTube has been broken by a 18-day-old junior group!

In early January, GOT The Beat (Girls On Top) released the song “Step Back“. This is a girl group project consisting of SM female idols from 4 different generations including BoA, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon (SNSD), Seulgi and Wendy (Red Velvet), Karina and Winter (aespa). This “ace girl group” was expected to achieve huge success, but their first track happened to stumble into controversy. 

The lyrics of the song “Step Back” were criticized for being cliché and disrespecting women. The difference in performance levels between the members also drew mixed reactions. Winter (aespa) came under controversy for her stiff expression when sharing the same stage with her seniors.

GOT the beat – Step Back Stage Video

When everyone thought that GOT The Beat was hit by a “flop curse” similar to their “senior” SuperM, the group suddenly turned the tables on the charts. In particular, on Youtube, the group even surpassed “Kpop king” BTS to set a new record.

Specifically, the performance video of “Step Back” has remained at No. 1 on the top music trending of YouTube Korea for 16 consecutive days, setting the record for the longest MV to stay at 1st place on top trending in the history of YouTube Korea. Previously, this record was held by BTS with the MV for the smash hit “Butter”.

BTS – Butter MV

Most netizens were quite surprised when GOT The Beat achieved great results on YouTube – which is considered the “homeground” of BTS. Some ARMYs even expressed their displeasure because BTS was dragged into comparison with a group that just debuted.

  • Even though they are only a project group that does not get much promotion, GOT still attracts great attention thanks to their superb vocal – dance – visual line-up. 
  • This song’s lyrics are like punching the listener’s ears. Only the beat is good.
  • The cliché lyrics, every member trying to hit the high note, it’s such a mess. Didn’t SuperM flop enough, why is SM trying to create more of this kind of group? Also, they are even lip-syncing…
  • Does this song get better with time? I’ve heard it so many times and now I’m addicted.
  • BTS literally gets mentioned without doing anything. Simply announcing that GOT is the Korean artist that stays 1st place for the longest time is enough.
  • I’m getting more and more tired of ARMY’s attitude. When BTS surpasses others, you guys show off and everything. But when another artist overcame BTS, you guys came in and told us not to drag others if not related. Uh what is it?
  • GOT is so cool. 
GOT broke a record of BTS
GOT The Beat
GOT broke a record of BTS


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