Small eaters Sandara Park X Park So Hyun “A quarter of a tangerine, two eggs for big kimbap”

Small eaters Sandara Park and Park So Hyun revealed the “right amount for small eaters”.

On Feb 8th, a video titled “Don’t copy. Budaejjigae (Sausage Stew) with small eaters” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Happy Garlic Studio”.

Sandara Park Park So Hyun

On this day, Sandara Park and Park So Hyun talked about the right amount for small eaters.

Sandara Park said, “About two or three eggs are suitable for big kimbap. I only eat egg whites, and I don’t eat tangerines. I drink it as juice.”

Park So Hyun then shared, “I only eat yolk. For me, a quarter of a tangerine is enough.”

Park So Hyun
Park So Hyun

Park So Hyun surprised everyone by saying that she could not even eat up a small cup of instant noodle.

Sandara Park caused laughter by boasting, “I can eat up Jjajangbeombeok cup noodle.”

The two were taken aback when the production team told them to cook Budaejjigae themselves. They were surprised by many ingredients, saying, “The right amount should only be a few bites, but in fact, two slices of ham are okay.”

Sandara Park

In fact, they even shared a piece of spam.

Below is the video of Park So Hyun and Sandara Park’s loss of appetite mukbang (?).

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