SM Boy Group Went Viral for Performing with Condoms on Stage? 

A boy group from SM Entertainment recently shocked fans as they used condoms while performing on a music festival stage.

Recently, SM Entertainment boy group WayV (a sub-unit of NCT that is mainly active in China) performed at the music festival 2024 Waterbomb. Here, they delivered several explosive stages, and even sang a song live without accompanying music, showing impressive stamina and voicals.

So far, WayV’s 2024 Waterbomb performance has gone viral – but for a completely unexpected reason. In particular, fans noticed that there was an object covering the hand-held microphones used by all of the members. 

As the object had a top in the bottom and a ring of plastic on top, fans’ minds couldn’t help but suspect them to be condoms, leading to wild discussion about the SM boy group using condoms on SNS. 


Turns out, it is common for artists to use condoms to cover devices such as microphones on stage, since it is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to prevent these devices from getting wet. 

Source: Krb

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