‘Single’s Inferno’ Song Ji A (Freezia) shoots to fame as a sought-after rising star

Song Ji A (Freezia), a beauty creator who appeared in Netflix’s original show ‘Single’s Inferno’, is rapidly emerging as a trend in the entertainment industry.


According to an industry insider on January 15, Song Ji A has been receiving “love calls” from various broadcasters. Earlier, she has confirmed her appearance in popular variety shows such as JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros‘ and MBC’s ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere‘. It is also revealed that offers to Song Ji A are pouring in not only from entertainment but also various fields such as commercials and acting. 

Single’s Inferno‘, a reality dating show, recently received global attention as it ranked first in Netflix’s domestic content and fifth among global TV shows. In particular, Song Ji A enjoyed great popularity in ‘Single’s Inferno‘ for her attractive visuals, chic fashion, and easygoing personality that captured the male contestants’ hearts. ‘Single’s Inferno‘ released its final episode on January 8. As domestic and foreign viewers are fascinated by Song Ji A, they are paying attention to her every move.


In particular, public interest in Song Ji A’s appearance is growing. One plastic surgery procedure, rhinoplasty that she admitted to have undergone in the past has become the talk of the town again. On MBC Every1’s ‘Video Star‘ back in 2020, Song Ji A said, “I did nose surgery when I was in my second year of high school,” and added, “The eyes were given to me by my father.” Recently, a photo of Song Ji A taken with her father on his birthday drew attention. In the photo, Song Ji A looks like her father. 

The impact of social media influencers is exponentially increasing day by day. Song Ji A’s YouTube channel ‘Freezia‘, which had 500,000 subscribers before ‘Single’s Inferno‘, has been receiving great attention both in Korea and overseas. It surpassed 1.77 million subscribers as of January 14, following the popularity of Netflix’s hit show. Her Instagram followers have also exceeded 3 million.

Freezia father

Song Ji A, who quickly rose to fame through ‘Single’s Inferno‘, is currently planning activities in different fields.  An official told Star News, “Song Ji A is receiving various endorsement deals as well as beauty items. Famous entertainment shows also want her. There have been offers from the film industry, but she has no intention of acting yet. She started as a beauty creator. There are brands that she used to model for, so she is not thinking of doing anything in a hurry.”

Expectations are high as to what kind of activities Song Ji A will take part in and approach the public in the future.


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