‘Single Mom’ Jo Yoon-hee Relieved Parenting Stress Through Playing Villain Role

Actress Jo Yoon-hee revealed a behind story about her first challenge of a villain character in “The Escape of the Seven”

On June 5th, the YouTube channel “What’s in my bag” released a video featuring actress Jo Yoon-hee.

Jo Yoon-hee, who recently met the small screen viewers through two seasons of “The Escape of the Seven”, expressed her feelings about challenging a villain role for the first time. She said, “At first, I wondered if I could do it well and was worried a lot. But as I kept playing the villain role, I realized that it suited me well and I actually relieved my parenting stress with it”.

The actress smiled and said, “As I had to keep doing bad deeds, I kinda miss good roles now. I want to play a warmhearted and nice character next time”.

Jo Yoon-hee has been raising her daughter alone after divorcing actor Lee Dong-gun in 2020.

She added, “Still, thanks to the drama, the number of people visiting my SNS account also increased. So I guess many of them are curious about what I use and carry in my bad”, then introduced essential items in her bag.

Showing her lip gloss, Jo Yoon-hee noted that it’s her must-have item. She explained, “I don’t usually wear colorful makeup, but I love products for lips. In the case of this lip gloss, it naturally shows the color when I apply it to my bare face. My lips don’t look too bright, but when I apply this, it gives me a lively feeling to my face”.

The actress then showed her hair mist from brand C. She shared, “There are comments saying I don’t often wash my hair. I used to do it every day, but as I started raising my child, I don’t have time to wash my hair regularly. When I cannot wash my hair, I would spray this hair mist and use it like a perfume. I wear hats a lot so I spray it on my hats, too”, revealing her hard work as a single mom.

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