Should BLACKPINK members renew their contract with YG Entertainment in 2023 after all controversies?

With only one year left, the contract between BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment will officially expire. Although they just made a grand comeback with the full album BORN PINK, fans are paying a lot of attention to the relationship between the 4 female idols and the company.

BLACKPINK members’ private life has recently been repeatedly violated. Notably, a series of Jennie and V (BTS) dating photos have been leaked. However, YG Entertainment remained silent, neither denying nor confirming the rumors, leaving Jennie repeatedly harassed. When she arrived at the airport to go to the United States, the female idol bent her head constantly. Photos of Lisa and Jisoo during their trip to Japan were also leaked.

Fans were extremely angry, repeatedly asking YG Entertainment to protect their idols but received no response from the company. Some even believe that BLACKPINK should not renew their contract with YG Entertainment since YG Entertainment has an obligation to protect artists, yet they have never done so well.

In addition, fans believe that BLACKPINK members take turns being treated unfairly. Most recently, Jisoo’s fans have defended the idol, claiming that the BLACKPINK’s visual was treated unfairly during their comeback with BORN PINK.

While BLACKPINK has continuously suffered unfair treatment from the management company, brands such as Dior, Chanel, Celine, Saint Laurent, Cartier, Tiffany & Co. and Bvlgari treat the members very well. Agree that YG Entertainment played a big role in bringing BLACKPINK into the fashion industry, but it is important that the 4 female idols have a natural ability in this field.

Currently, BLACKPINK has both fame and influence, whether or not it is still active with YG Entertainment is just a decision. Previously, a CEO of Dior once said, “If YG fires Jisoo, text me, I will take her.”

After all, if BLACKPINK renews their contract with YG Entertainment, they will still receive great support from the company. On the contrary, if they leave the company, BLACKPINK members have the right to decide everything on their own, especially in private life, income and work schedule.

Source: yan

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