SHINee Key visited his hometown in “I Live Alone”: “My mom is still working as a nurse”

SHINee Key went home to visit his parents in “I Live Alone” and introduced them as dual-income parents.

The broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone” aired on the evening of December 3rd showed SHINee Key (real name Kim Ki-bum) visiting his hometown in Daegu.

shinee key

Visiting his parents after a long time, Key was not familiar with the house’s address and password. Therefore, he ended up arriving at an empty house all alone, drawing attention. He said, “My mom is still working as a chief nurse. My father already retired, but since he worked in finance, he then turned to investment and continued working. Both are still working, so I’m always left alone at home”, adding, “No one was at home whenever I came to visit on weekdays.”

shinee key

After calling his mother and having an affectionate talk, Key then treated himself to a meal prepared by his mother. However, Key made everyone laugh by having to season the seaweed soup again. He confessed, “My mom can cook delicious side dishes, but she’s not good at making soup”, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

i live alone

Meanwhile, MBC’s “I Live Alone” is a documentary entertainment program that captures the daily life stories of celebrities living alone through cameras, reflecting the growth of single men and women and single families. The show is broadcast every Friday at 11:10 P.M

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