Shin Ye Eun shows how serious she is about “acting” by practicing at 4 am even after filming schedules

Viewers are surprised to see how sincere Shin Ye Eun, who stepped into stardom with Netflix’s “The Glory,” is in her acting career.

Actress Shin Ye Eun has reached another career peak since the web drama “A-TEEN.” In the recently released Netflix “The Glory,” Shin Ye Eun plays the child version of Park Yeon Jin, the school bully.


In the series, Shin Ye Eun’s role did not hesitate to engage in harsh bullying acts such as verbally abusing Moon Dong Eun (Jung Ji So) and torturing her body with a curling iron. Whenever Shin Ye Eun committed an evil act on screen, she made an eerie smirk that infuriates viewers. By showing an aspect that hasn’t been seen before, Shin Ye Eun is reaching a new peak in her career. Her realistic expression of the character Park Yeon Jin continues to receive favorable reviews.

Shin Ye-eun

Shin Ye Eun did not have everything put onto her plate from the start. She was able to shine thanks to her “hidden effort.” 

In 2020, Shin Ye Eun revealed her daily life through Kakao TV’s “Face ID”.

At that time, as soon as she returned home from filming JTBC’s “More Than Friends,” Shin Ye Eun showed the scripts to her fans, saying, “It’s 4:03 a.m. now. I’m sitting down to read the script.” The crumpled notes and handwritings filling the script proved Shin Ye Eun’s considerable amount of acting practice.

Shin Ye-eun
Shin Ye-eun

As such, Shin Ye Eun did her best, but she also blamed herself when the ratings of “More Than Friends” failed to escape from 1%.

Shin Ye Eun shared her torment, “I can’t do this. I should sleep. Whenever I think I should sleep and stop thinking, my dream is connected to my reality.” “Welcome,” Shin’s drama before that, also recorded the lowest viewer rating of 0.8%.

Shin Ye Eun strictly put herself through harsh practice to improve her skill. Fans are applauding with joy to see her reach a new peak of her acting career through “The Glory.”

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