Shin Dong Yeop achieved the thing Yoo Jae Suk couldn’t do at the 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards

Broadcaster Shin Dong Yeop became the first person to win three awards at a time at the KBS Entertainment Awards. 

Shin Dong Yeop won Daesang (Grand Prize) at the 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards held at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul on December 24th. 

Shin Dong Yeop, whose wish of “Immortal Songs” winning Best Program Award came true, received double congratulations when being announced as the winner of Entertainer of the Year and even Daesang. Taking the stage to receive Entertainer of the Year, Shin Dong Yeop said, “I used to wait for the MC to call my name and receive awards, and I felt that again for the first time in a while. It would be strange if I got it this year. I felt kinda strange when hearing Lee Kyung Kyu’s name. Even Kim Jong Min and some others also received it. Then I was named again. That was weird. It’s my first time waiting in such a good mood”.

shin dong yup 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards

Shin Dong Yeop, who showed a subtle desire to win Daesang, came on the stage again with a big round of applause as he was announced as the Daesang winner. He said, “What an irony. I didn’t receive the award when I wondered if I could get it or not. This year, I was eager to win Best Program Award. I’m grateful to other candidates, who did not earn too outstanding achievements, this year. It’s all thanks to you”, drawing laughter.

Shin Dong Yeop continued, “Since there are so many singers who appeared on ‘Immortal Songs’, and the production team couldn’t invite them all to attend this awards ceremony, they gave me this on their behalf. I think that’s the reason I received it”, adding “Even 10 years later, I hope to be with everyone in this space even as an award winner, a presenter, or an MC.”

Shin Dong Yeop won Daesang and an unexpected additional prize. Actor Lee Kwang Ki appeared in Jung Do Jeon costume and gave him a painting as a gift. The scene where Shin Dong Yeop received the painting from Lee Kwang Ki and Choi Kook and took a proof shot together after the MCs’ closing speech made everyone laugh.

immortal song pd 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards

At this awards ceremony, “Immortal Songs” was honored with Viewers’ Choice  Best Program Award for the first time since the launch of the program. Delivering an acceptance speech, PD Park Hyung Geun said, “We tried to invite great artists, such as Patti Kim, Kim Chang Wan, Lee Juck, etc., and made various attempts, such as leaving the studio. This was possible thanks to the viewers’ enthusiastic responses and applause. I will try to make the 12-year program ‘Immortal Songs’ be loved even more”.

song hae

The late Song Hae, who hosted the “National Singing Contest” for more than 30 years, received the 20th Anniversary Special Achievement Award. Shin Dong Yeop, who served as the award presenter, said, “I think all of our people owe this person a debt of gratitude. He had been traveling all over the country for more than 30 years and delivered songs and stories of many people to the public with all his heart. I respect and love you so much, and I think everyone feels the same way”, expressing his longing for the late artist.

kim shin young 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards

Kim Shin Young, who is active as the second MC of “National Singing Contest” following the late Song Hae, received Best Challenger for “Diet” and Excellence Award in Show and Variety Category. She shared, “’National Singing Contest’ is a program that feels like a father in my life. I learn many things from it through every episode, and I met KBS’s director for the first time in my life. Thank you. Thank you to the KBS’s entertainment center director. Thank you to the CP, PD, and all the writers”, adding “Celeb Five forever. Thank you Song Eun Yi senior, and I’ll never forget you. I will become a comedian Kim Shin Young with a healthy mind and body next year.”

Source: Daum

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