SG Wannabe Kim Jin-ho will get married in October, the 2nd member to do so

SG Wannabe Kim Jin-ho (36) will become a groom soon.

According to Sports Chosun’s coverage, Kim Jin-ho will get married on October 23th. The bride-to-be is a non-celebrity.

In consideration of the non-celebrity bride, Kim Jin-ho will invite only his relatives and close acquaintances from both families to hold a private ceremony. Recently, he has been carefully informing people around him about his wedding, and is preparing for the ceremony step by step.

Kim Jin-ho

If Kim Jin-ho ties the knot with his bride-to-be in October, he is likely to be the second married man of SG Wannabe. Lee Seok-hoon, the first member to become a married man, married ballerina Choi Sun-ah in 2016 and is envied by many for his happy honeymoon.

Kim Jin-ho also said on the radio in June last year, “I can feel a feeling of stability from Lee Seok-hoon after his wedding. I can feel it in his eyes and actions.” Now, he is also expected to focus more on his music activities now that he has a stable family and a sweet marriage behind him.

Kim made his debut as a member of vocalist group WSG Wannabe in 2004. The group is still a legendary vocal group with numerous hit songs such as “Timeless,” “Lalala,” “My Person,” “Living,” “Dream of a Midsummer Day,” “Gashiri,” and “Let’s Love.”

Kim Jin-ho

Since the release of his first solo album “Today: I want to be with your loneliness” in 2013, he has been working as a solo singer, releasing solo albums steadily and holding solo concerts.

Recently, on MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo”, he sang “It’s Time,” a song that was not included in his past albums, and received a favorable response. The song was officially released as a single on July 26th.

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