‘Seungri’s rumored girlfriend’ Yoo Hye Won, “I want to appear on ‘I Live Alone’”

Netizens re-examine a past remark of Yoo Hye Won, who is rumored to be dating former Big Bang member Seungri.

Last year, makeup artist Park Min Kyung uploaded on her Youtube channel ‘Park Min Kyung Log-in” a video titled “[ guest ] model Yoo Hye WOn login/ sample shoot/ beauty model Vlog/ model photoshoot/ Luna Studio/ pretty girl/ makeup artist Park Min Kyung”.

yoo hye won
yoo hye won

The video shows a daily Vlog and behind-the-scenes footage of when Park Min Kyung met model/influencer/actress Yoo Hye Won for a photoshoot.

Visiting the studio to prepare for the shoot, Yoo Hye Won shared various stories about her daily life with makeup artists and hairstylists. 

While getting her makeup done, Yoo Hye Won made funny expressions in front of the camera. Seeing that, Park Min Kyung commented, “I’m not going to edit this out.” 

yoo hye won
yoo hye won

Yoo Hye Won suddenly said, “I will recommend something interesting for you”, then began to talk about Netflix’s series “I Am Georgina”

She continued, “It’s about the girlfriend of footballer Ronaldo receiving 150 million won as an allowance from Ronaldo”, adding “You don’t know that series?”

When Park Min Kyung asked, “Isn’t that person an influencer?”, Yoo Hye Won exclaimed, “Yes, she’s amazing”, adding “She even became a Gucci ambassador”.

yoo hye won
yoo hye won

Yoo Hye Won then unexpectedly said, “If I were a celebrity, I would like to appear on ‘I Live Alone’. I think I could do it really well,” drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Yoo Hye Won was involved in dating rumors with Seungri two times in 2018 and 2020. Recently, Dispatch reported that Seungri and Yoo Hye Won enjoyed a trip to Bangkok, sparking their third romance rumor to arise.

When the first dating rumor broke out in 2018, Yoo Hye Won’s agency did not clarify it, citing privacy concerns. Seungri’s former agency YG Entertainment also refused to confirm or deny the two’s relationship.


Later in June 2019, Seungri was investigated by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s special investigation unit on charges of prostitution, habitual gambling, etc. He was indicted without detention in January 2020 and enlisted at the boot camp in Cheorwon, Gangwon-do, in March 2020. In September 2020, he was tried by the military court.

yoo hye won

Despite Seungri’s indictment, Yoo Hye Won was caught in the car with her dog when Seungri entered the training center for his enlistment, causing a stir. At the time, Yoo Hye Won’s side did not deny the reports but only cited it as “the actress’s private life issue”.

Source: Wikitree

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