Seol-hyun’s recent appearance without makeup and filter becomes a hot topic among netizens

The current situation of singer-actress Seol-hyun, who is taking another new acting challenge, has been revealed.

An article titledSeol-hyun just happened to become like this” was posted on the online community Nate Pann on May 8th. Several photos of Seol-hyun were attached to the article.

Seol-hyun plays the role of female police officer Do Ah-hee in tvN’s ongoing drama “The Killer’s Shopping List”, which aired its first episode on the 27th of last month.

Through the newly released still cuts, Seol-hyun showed a new image that is completely different from her usual appearance. The actress appeared with a messy hairstyle and light makeup. She didn’t even draw her eyes with eyeliner. Because of her different look, many people didn’t recognize Seol-hyun at first glance.

In response to the article, Internet users commented, “I didn’t recognize Seol-hyun”, “Why did she change this much?”, “Seol-hyun changed her image just to suit her character. She’s still pretty”, etc. 


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