Seohyun got attacked by Chinese netizens due to “Lunar New Year” greetings…”A gift from fans 12 years ago”

The special meaning of the hanbok worn by Girls’ Generation member-actress Seohyun was revealed.

In episode 117 of KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “Entertainment company Live”, which aired on Jan 26th, stars’ Lunar New Year news were reported.

SNSD Seohuyn

Choi Ji Woo, couple Joo Sang Wook – Cha Ye Ryeon and couple Im Chang Jung – Seo Ha Yan released photos of their children in hanbok. Actress Hwang Bo Ra, who got married last year after 10 years of dating, showed off her “new bride” figure in hanbok.

Meanwhile, Seohyun drew attention by posting a video of her doing New Year’s bow in hanbok as well as flash mirror selfies that are trending these days. At that time, Seohyun added the English phrase “Happy Lunar New Year” and was attacked by Chinese netizens who insisted on writing “Chinese New Year”.

The special meaning of Seohyun’s hanbok was also revealed, attracting attention. This hanbok was given as a gift by fans in 2011 (12 years ago). Seohyun impressed fans as she cherished fans’ gift for 12 years and certified it in 2023.

Source: Nate

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