Seo Ye Ji and other K-drama female leads who boasts the best fashion in summer 2022

K-drama fashions have all been astounding, but these particular cases take it to the next level.

2022 has been filled with great K-dramas of various genres with female leads from all sorts of different backgrounds and professions. Therefore, the fashion game in these K-dramas are also astonishing. Below are some of the best-dressed K-drama female leads of this summer. 

Seo Ye Ji (Eve)

Embracing the revenge genres and the world of the rich, while at the same time starring gorgeous actress Seo Ye Ji, of course “Eve” is going to be a whole runway with a huge range of fashion. Here, the actress went from chic to outrageous from scene to scene, and her accessories choices are also super eye-catching. 

seo ye-ji

A notable accessory in this series is the snake necklace adorned by Seo Ye Ji in a scene when she challenged the series’ villain. This diamond necklace was from Bvlgari and cost up to 2 million USD. 


There are also a lot of unique outfits that can be highlighted by no one but Seo Ye Ji, making “Eve” an outstanding fashion show. 

Suzy (Anna) 

As the ambassador for luxury brands and a star in the fashion world, Suzy donned over 150 costumes for the filming of “Anna”, easily blowing viewers away with her fashion game. 


In “Anna”, Suzy turned from the no-name poor child Yoo Mi into the prestigious Anna, who was wedded to a rich household. Therefore, she’s dressed from top to toe with luxury items, as if to camouflage for her lies. 

suzy anna

Suzy’s wedding dress in “Anna” was also quite the spectacle. Apparently, the gown came from famous brand Inbal Dror, and combined with a white cape, Suzy looked like a whole queen regent. Her jewelries in the wedding scene, which included huge earrings and a tiara, also greatly complemented the regal look. 

Seo Hyun Jin (Why Her?)

Contrary to the aforementioned K-drama female leads, Seo Hyun Jin in “Why Her” is a lawyer, and so dresses more formally to suit her profession. However, this doesn’t mean that she fall behind in terms of fashion, and her silk blouses, blazers, and dresses all give up astounding impressions. 

Seo Hyun-jin

In addition, Seo Hyun Jin’s simple accessories, yet bold choices of colors and neckline, highlighted her character perfectly. In simple hairstyle and makeup, the actress look professional yet empowering, showing that office fashion can be way more interesting than one would expect 

Seo Hyun-jin

These 3 female leads from 3 K-dramas are starkly different in style and circumstance, yet their clothes are always up to point. It also helps that the series they star in are all super gripping and and watch-worthy.

Source: Dienanh 

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