Seo Ji Hye is called a “vampire beauty” as she looks the same as when she debuted 20 years ago

Seo Ji Hye has not aged a day. 

Seo Ji Hye is drawing attention and praise for her role in Disney+ original series “Kiss Sixth Sense” which premiered on May 25th. The drama is based on a Naver web novel of the same name. Immediately after its release, “Kiss Sixth Sense” received positive response from fans of romantic comedy. In particular, Seo Ji Hye’s good acting, gorgeous visuals, which have stood out since her debut, have become a hot topic again. 

Seo Ji-hye

Seo Ji Hye was cast on the street when she was a second-year high school student thanks to her outstanding beauty. The following year, she kicked off her career in the entertainment industry by starring in music videos. After that, Seo Ji Hye worked as a model for various magazines and TV commercials.

Seo Ji-hye

In 2005, Seo Ji Hye excellently overcame other 1500 candidates to take on the role of Kang Seon Min, the main character of “Whispering Corridors 4: The Voice”.

Since her high school days, Seo Ji Hye has flaunted a perfect appearance and now, at the age of 39, she still boasts a Disney princess-like beauty. She exudes grace and luxury without special accessories. She is called a “vampire beauty” because she has not aged a day. 

Seo Ji-hye

Seo Ji Hye appeared in popular dramas namely “All In”, “Jealousy Incarnate”, and the movie “Suicide Forecast”.  She recently played the second female lead in the hit “Crash Landing on You”, where she portrayed her sweet and emotional melodrama acting alongside Kim Jung Hyun.

Known for her ability to pull off various characters in each of her works, Seo Ji Hye is attracting attention as she receives positive reviews for having her lifetime character renewed once again through “Kiss Sixth Sense”. 

Seo Ji-hye

“Kiss Sixth Sense” presents a dizzying romance between Seo Ji Hye, who can see others’ future whenever her lips touch theirs, and Yoon Kye Sang, whose five senses are overdeveloped. Seo Ji Hye’s character is the ace of the planning team at her company, but she is annoyed by her team leader, who does not hesitate to say anything for good results.

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