Despite Seo Hyun-jin X Hwang In-youp’s kiss scene, “Why Her” ratings made no progress

The ratings of “Why Her” are stagnant.

According to the ratings research company Nielsen Korea, episode 9 of SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her“, which aired on July 1st, recorded 8.7% nationwide.

This is down 0.5% from 9.2% in episode 8. “Why Her”, which started with a viewership rating of 6% and showed an upward trend, remains stationary at the rating of 8.9% after recording the highest rating of 10.1% in episode 4.

On this day’s “Why Her” broadcast, the kiss scene between Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin) and Gong Chan (Hwang In-youp) was depicted.

Meanwhile, episode 9 of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor Lawyer” recorded 6.3%, up 0.9% from 5.4% in episode 8.

Source: daum

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