Selena Gomez mentioned BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently and she said the cutest thing

A moment between Selena Gomez and Lisa is melting fans’ hearts. 

On July 9th, a Selena Gomez’s fan told a cute story of the American singer on Twitter when they met her in Paris, France. It was revealed that while taking selfies with her fans, Selena Gomez saw a person wearing a shirt with Lisa’s picture printed on it, and her reaction was pointing at it and saying, “Oh my god, that’s my girl!”. 

This is not the first time Selena Gomez publicly showed affection for BLACKPINK in general and Lisa in particular. She once revealed that one of her favorite songs is Lisa’s “MONEY” from her solo debut album. 

During her radio appearance in America last year, Lisa showered Selena Gomez with praise, saying, “I never have a chance to meet her in person, but she’s really sweet and beautiful. She’s so pretty and so nice.”

Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK had their first collaboration with the single “Ice Cream” released in August 2020. Due to the pandemic, they were unable to meet in person and had to film the MV separately. Almost 2 years after the release of “Ice Cream”, fans are still looking forward to seeing BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez perform the song together on stage. 

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