Seeing a handicapped fan at their concert, Lisa (BLACK PINK)’s action moved everyone

The moment between Lisa (BLACK PINK) and a handicapped fan at their recent concert is attracting many attention.

On April 27th, BLACK PINK successfully finished another night of their concert in Hamilton (Canada). Apart from the incredible performances they brought to the audience, fans are also moved by the story between Lisa and a handicapped fan.

Before their “Hope Not” stage, Lisa spotted a fan with impaired vision in the crowd and waved to the fan. BLACK PINK’s manager immediately noticed and asked for a staff to head to the fan and let him know that Lisa had waved to him. After BLACK PINK has finished their stage for “Hope Not”, that fan waved back to Lisa with the help from a fan beside him. Lisa immediately bursted into tears after seeing the action.

Seeing that Lisa was in tear, Jennie ran to her to comfort. After that, Rosé and Jisoo also joined them. The moment Lisa bursted into tears moved the entire fandom, and the story is being spreaded like wildfire on SNS.

Sources: k14

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