Secret behind BLACKPINK Lisa’s MV ROCKSTAR

Lisa (BLACKPINK) kept all information confidential with the actors involved to prevent the MV from leaking.

MV ROCKSTAR by Lisa is currently garnering the most attention in the music scene, marking the solo comeback of the youngest member of the BLACKPINK group. Despite shooting the MV in her native Thailand with many famous locations and hundreds of actors, it wasn’t until Lisa’s announcement that global fans were surprised by this comeback. To create a surprise with the ROCKSTAR project, MV actors revealed how Lisa kept all information confidential to prevent any leaks.

Miss Tiffany Universe Thailand 25th runner-up revealed the contract didn’t use Lisa’s name but the alias MONA.

One of the three transgender beauties in the ROCKSTAR MV is Bruze Kachi-Sarah (Miss Tiffany Universe Thailand 25th runner-up – Miss Universe Tiffany for transgender people in Thailand).

She said she participated in the casting as usual, and the crew said this was a project by an internationally famous artist named MONA: “Our contract was also signed under the name MONA. I tried googling who MONA was, but there were no matching results. When I searched for ‘artist MONA,’ only the Mona Lisa painting came up. I absolutely didn’t know who this artist really was.”

Bruze Kachi Sarah
Miss Tiffany Universe Thailand 25th runner-up reveals contract to participate in Lisa’s MV ROCKSTAR under the alias MONA

She also shared the MV shooting process with Lisa: “On the day we went to the rehearsal set with the dancers, nobody knew who MONA was until Lisa stepped in. We were all shocked and speechless. Lisa’s superstar aura is truly amazing.

Feeling privileged to work with a truly world-class professional team. The filming session lasted continuously for 13 hours from 5 pm to 7 am the next day. Throughout the process, Lisa was full of energy, showing no signs of fatigue. She had to dance until 7 am, but her movements were still extremely sharp. During breaks, Lisa sat not far from us, about a meter away. I told her, ‘Lisa, you’re really beautiful in real life.'”

lisa blackpink
Actors in the MV revealed Lisa danced continuously for 13 hours from 5 pm to 7 am the next day

Transgender beauty Gee Rinniya said Lisa was also referred to by the alias MONA on set.

Although all actors knew who the real MONA artist was when they appeared, Lisa was still called “MONA” to allow everyone to “get used to” it. Transgender beauty Gee Rinniya shared: “This project was kept very secret, with no other details leaked. Initially, I was going to withdraw from the project, but my friend – Bruze, advised me to stay. In the contract, the artist was named MONA. On set, the crew also called her MONA. I’m very happy to be part of this project because I’ve been a fan of Lisa for a long time. She even walked past me very closely. I even had to ask myself, ‘Is this really true? Is this really Lisa?'”

lisa blackpink
To maintain confidentiality, Lisa was also called MONA on set

Dancers had their phones confiscated, and relatives were also required to keep MV information confidential.

100 dancers participated in the MV ROCKSTAR, including appearances by Neoi – daughter of a famous footballer from the Thai national team. Answering about his daughter’s participation in Lisa’s MV, he revealed: “The production team contacted Neoi about this project. No information was disclosed about that artist. My daughter Neoi was one of the 100 dancers who passed the casting. No melody or music sheet was given out, instead they taught how to count steps and let dancers practice at home.

On the shooting day, the girl came to the set to practice and shoot for a full 2 days. All mobile phones were confiscated, and the film crew required all of us to keep the information about this product secret. Neoi even didn’t tell me what she was doing (laughs).”

Neoi – dancer in MV ROCKSTAR is the daughter of a player from the Thai national team
Lisa MV rockstar
All dancers’ mobile phones were confiscated to ensure complete confidentiality of the MV’s images

Source: K14

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