Scouted after singing at a highschool retreat: A popular 2nd gen female idol’s journey 

Soyou debuted as the lead vocalist of girl group SISTAR in 2010 and has been active until now. 

In particular, before disbanding, SISTAR, which Soyou belongs to, was very popular as soon as they debuted, releasing consecutive hit title tracks such as “Push Push,” “So Cool,” “Alone,” and “Loving U.”


Soyou developed an interest in the appearance of celebrities at a young age, leading her to obtain a beauty license in her second year of middle school and even participate in beauty contests. 

However, it was during a school retreat in her freshman year of high school that Soyou was discovered by a talent agency after singing a song, which led to her becoming a trainee and eventually debuting as a singer.


After being introduced by 2AM’s Jinwoon, Soyou had the opportunity to debut as a member of the girl group 4minute under the then-newly established Cube Entertainment. 

Unfortunately, Soyou was excluded from the final lineup due to her not fitting the image 4minute pursued at the time. Eventually, Soyou moved to Starship Entertainment and debuted as a member of Sistar a year later in 2010.


During her years as a trainee, Soyou utilized her knowledge and skills in beauty to assist HIGHLIGHT and 4Minute members with hair and makeup during their monthly evaluations.

After her debut, Soyou also appeared as an MC in various programs such as “Get it Beauty,” “Soyou X Hani’s Beauty View,” and “Trend with Me,” showcasing her unique sense of beauty and fashion.

Recently, Soyou posted photos on her Instagram while on a trip to Japan, showing off her “girlfriend material” look in a black coat and white sneakers. In the picture, Soyou styled her brown wave hair with rolled-up jeans and a casual t-shirt, showcasing her trendy fashion sense.


On March 18th, Soyou held a joint concert, “K-Concert: Vocalist Live in Japan 2023,” with other artists such as Lee Mu Jin, Shin Yong Jae, and Huh Gak in Tokyo, Japan. 

After the concert, through her Instagram, Soyou expressed her gratitude and happiness at the opportunity to meet her fans in Japan once again, stating her desire to return and share her music with Japanese fans.

Source: Daum.

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